Zetter Hotel-8

If you missed London’s Craft Week, then there is another great event for crafters coming in 2 weeks. The Clerkenwell Design Week is similar to London’s Craft Week but sets itself apart due to its location, Clerkenwell (London’s centre for many of the world’s creative artists and crafters). This year’s event will be held from May 22 to May 24 and if you are considering traveling there, then one of the best hotels to stay at is the Zetter Hotel.

The hotel is cozy and only has 60 rooms. The design of the hotel is cool. The hotel looks like a DIY/interior design board from Pinterest. It has bright colours, trendy paintings, and beautiful textile in every corner. The breakfast is average but only 1 minute across the street lies one of the best restaurants in London, The Modern Pantry.

There is one feature that needs its own paragraph just to talk about, which sets the hotel apart from many hotels in London. The hotel has the friendliest staff in London. Going on TripAdvisor, one would see the common opinion of many Kuwaiti travellers, that London’s hotels have rude staff.  At Clerkenwell Zetter this is guaranteed not to exist. The staff are very friendly to the extent where one would want to be their friend. On every encounter, they make sure to gift you with the greatest present of all, a smile. As for kids, they spoil them with gifts, from teddy bears to colouring books; whatever is needed to make the child happy, the staff would do. The friendliness isn’t restricted to the reception or luggage attendants, but it is seen with the restaurant’s waiters, room cleaners, and it brushes of the hotel’s guests.

As an area Clerkenwell is new to Kuwaitis and maybe unknown due to it being far away from Oxford Street and Knightsbridge. However, in the recent years Clerkenwell started attracting more restaurants and shops. The hotel is the best located hotel in that area and if a quieter London is sought after in your next travel then it is the best place to be.