Yarn Display 1

There are many craft and hobby shows held throughout the year. Some are local which are held occasionally and are announced on local websites newspapers; and some are international. International exhibitions and shows can be divided into two categories.

The first category are the craft and hobby fairs that are targeted towards the consumers. Two organisers Knitting and Stitching Shows and the ICHF Events, hold the best fairs that targets crafters. Anyone can visit these events where they can shop and buy at discounted prices. These fairs also hold lovely craft workshops.

The other category are the international exhibitions that target businesses and retailers. These cannot be visited by anyone. A requirement for such exhibitions is the ownership of a craft business. Out of the many held every year H + H Cologne is one of the best and largest. In these international exhibitions one can get new products for the shop and can attend various workshops that help small businesses.

However, the most important feature that international exhibitions can provide which consumer craft fairs cannot provide is predicting the direction of where the craft industry is heading. For example, t-shirt yarn became a trend in 2013 and 2014. The year before that both local and consumer craft fairs did not display such yarn. It is only at international fairs that a few exhibitors offered it. By attending these international fairs one can spot some potential trending products.

As for actual trends, they can be seen with the other type of fairs and shows. Whether it is a trending colour, trending material, or a trending brand; craft shows will definitely have trends be on display. In short, exhibitions for consumers can show current trends while exhibitions for businesses can indicate to the direction of what will or might trend. For any crafter that is trying to keep up with the craft world, it is important to either visit both types of exhibitions of look at any coverage of them which is what will be done on this website.