House Hotel Nisantasi Room View

Two of the best designed boutique hotels in the world are part of the Turkish Chain (funded from a Swiss-based Irish investor), House Hotels. The first hotel, House Hotel Galatasaray, is a restored 1890 mansion. The designers from Autoban have preserved a lot of the building’s history by keeping the original stair hand rails, doors, ceiling, and floors. The hotel doesn’t even have a lift. The rooms are beautiful and spacious. The bathroom is made from marble. What is nice is that each room has a separate living space. The breakfast is at the rooftop which overlooks Turkey’s beautiful sea.

The second hotel, Nisantasi House Hotel, is more contemporary, yet it preserves a home-based feeling. Rooms are quiet and few guests are encountered due to its small size which contains 44 rooms . Unlike the first, it has a lift, a lobby, and better service. The suites have their own balcony that overlooks one of the most luxurious streets in Istanbul with brand stores such as Louis Vuitton and Armani. The most photographed area of the hotel is its wonderful library/dining area/lobby. Breakfast is also lovely but Galatasaray’s is much better due to its view and food quality.

Despite a rise in travellers’ interest in boutique hotels, these two beautiful hotels were  closed. One reason might be because of the falling number of European tourists and that is due to a few terrorist attacks and the failed coupe attempt. Yet this might not be the reason because the hotel group is opening more branches. For that reason the following question should be asked:  “why did two of the best located hotels with lovely buildings and service close?”.