Twentytwentyone Showroom

Traveling is one of life’s greatest privileges. However, it is not a privilege if the trip did not add anything to a person’s knowledge. For crafters, there are various ways that they can expand their craft’s knowledge. It can be done by attending workshops, visiting museums, or browsing design-based shops. Design shops range from small local stores that sell items designed by local crafters to big design exhibitions such as the Milan furniture fair.

Twentytwentyone is one of these recommended places that would definitely broaden ones horizon. The London shop has two locations and both of them stock “design-led furniture, lighting, and accessories”. They stock work from more than a hundred designers. Some of the furniture and accessories can be seen found in other shops but what makes Twentytwentyone special is having pieces designed by different artists be displayed in a harmonious way.

The shop is expensive and they do have sales. However, what is free is an education given by the friendly shop-assistants. The employees at Twentytwentyone were not only helpful in choosing furniture, but they also recommended whether an item that they sell is worth buying or not (something that is rarely done by sales people). The shop is not the only recommended place but their newsletter is also one that should be subscribed to.