dsc09070.jpgThe last few posts were all about silk. There will be more posts on silk in the coming weeks especially since it is one of the most luxurious fibres that has a lot of historical and cultural stories surrounding it. One can write a book about silk. This post will have a compilation of links that anyone interested in silk can either buy or watch.

There are many books that include chapters on silk embroidery but the three below are dedicated to silk embroidery.

  1. Beginner’s Guide to Silk Shading
  2. Needle Painting Embroidery: Fresh Ideas for Beginners
  3. RSN ESG: Silk Shading: Essential Stitch Guides

As you know from the instagram account that yarn quality is important for packedthoughts and for that reason there are only two recommended 100% silk yarn that will be linked below.

  1. ITO Kinu (made by a Japanese company)
  2. Spun Silk (an American Brand but this yarn is made in Italy)

Just search for silk or silk road documentary on youtube and there will be many videos about the craft of silk. However, out of the many there is one that is really beautiful to see. It is part of a BBC series on different crafts and the first episode is on Silk Weaving. It cannot be watched on the BBC website and linking unofficial downloads or streams of the series is illegal. For that reason, try and find it legally.

Handmade on the Silkroad