Martha Stewart’s Balaleet

On one hand there are many celebrity chefs trying to show Arabian cuisine and on the other hand there is Martha Stewart the greatest crafter of all time. In her new show, she is actually showing regional Arabian cuisine. Jamie Oliver and many other food show hosts who attempted to show Arab cuisine, either show Persian, Turkish, or Palestinian (Levantine) cuisine; or really old traditional Arab dishes that few Gulf Arabian households make at the moment. This all changes with Martha’s new show. She is probably the only chef who showed what people from the Gulf countries actually do eat.

Martha Stewart’s Cooking School follows the classical cooking show format where it is just a presenter cooking a dish. The show is simple, short, informative and most importantly entertaining. For season 5 of the show, she developed 52 recipes that reflect current Arabian Gulf recipes. The idea of the show came from Yousef El-Deeb, the man responsible for elevating the culinary knowledge of many Arabs through his channel fatafeat. His request was to have Martha renovate Arabian Gulf dishes and present them in a PBS cooking show format. Martha loved the idea and as a result she spent 12 weeks along with her team to do just that.

One example of the great recipes that she developed is Balaleet. Usually there are two common problems with Balaleet. Some place the eggs over the Balaleet leading to a problem when cutting the amount of desired egg. For that reason some cut the eggs into pieces which also results in another problem where people are getting more egg and leaving others without egg. What Martha cleverly does is stuff the egg with the Balaleet, This genius way of serving Balaeet makes it more like a restaurant dish where each person gets the same amount of egg and Balaleet.

The show which is currently Airing on Al Yawm will be showing many Gulf recipes including, Chai Karak, Jebabs, marag dal, chicken kabsa, and stuffed cabbage.

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