Crochet Thingy on Camels

Camel with Crochet

Have you ever wondered what the crochet cover on a camel’s mouth is used for? They are known as anti-spitting muzzles. As the name suggests, they are used to stop camels saliva from spraying on their handler or rider. Additionally, camels spit on people when they are angry and the muzzle stops it.

The spitting is the main purpose of the crochet piece but the piece became more important to the owners following that. First, owners love to accessorize their camels and they spend a lot of time and money in choosing which muzzle is worn. Second, camels chew on everything they come across including plastic. The muzzle stops them from chewing on plastic. Thus, the crochet thingy on camels tick both boxes, function and form.

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